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Have Jay Z’s business ventures hurt his music cred?

Jay Z has made a career of talking up a mean game. His latest album, ambitiously titled “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” provided us a plethora of flashy boasts. “Picasso Baby” let us know he prefers passing time at the MOMA, “Tom Ford” purveyed Jay’s affinity for the esteemed high-end designer, and “Holy Grail” served as a five-minute lament over how Jay is too rich and famous for his own good. The content that saturated “Magna Carta” seemingly verified claims that he is too intoxicated by his own celebrity to embrace his ability to stand as a social figure and that currently there is zero integrity and authenticity associated with his brand.

Between the ubiquitous Samsung deal and all of the controversy surrounding his affiliation with Barney’s, Jay Z’s obsession with becoming a keen businessman can rightfully be pushed to the forefront. But does that criticism affect his artistry? And despite all of the missteps, does Jay Z still possess significant cultural impact? As he sets to play TD Garden on Saturday, we take a closer look. More