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Technology Tells Site Visitors to ‘Support President Obama’

Texas Senator Ted Cruz became the first major candidate to officially announce he would run for President in the 2016 race, kicking off his candidacy in front of a crowd of students at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Readers interested in Cruz’s run can visit his official campaign website at — not, dot org. That’s because someone else owns, and has been using it to voice support for President Barack Obama. More

Hillary Clinton Addresses Watermark Silicon Valley Conference For Women
What Were in Hillary’s Emails? We Have Some Guesses

In random political scandal news, the media is abuzz about Hillary Clinton’s email habits when it came to light that she used a personal email address, not a government-issued one while serving as Secretary of State.

Some would say this is an innocuous detail – Clinton’s camp is alleging that Secretaries of State before her have done the same thing – but other sources think that this is an indication that Clinton may have had something to hide. Fortunately, we did a little fictional digging and found gold. More

Bar talk fodder: Castration plea, Elizabeth Warren 4 prez?

Regrets: we’ve had a few. But apparently they haven’t stuck with us the way they should have. Otherwise, why would we invite Peter Berdovsky to stage another massive prank, continue to build enormous condos in the South End, and acquit George Zimmerman? Well, we know how you’ll ease the pain of history repeating: By forgetting about last week’s hangover and drinking with your friends at the bars this weekend. Here’s a round up of crazy current events to talk about. More