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Speedy Ortiz at The Paradise on Dec.18, opening for The Breeders.
Speedy Ortiz talks ‘Real Hair’ EP release at Tasty Burger
Local Music

For a moment, please indulge me in some hyperbolic doom mongering.

Let’s say that the BPD masters the infiltration of punk rock circles via bogus Facebook profiles and shuts down every D.I.Y. venue in the city. (It could happen.) Around the same time, real estate developers bulldoze the Middle East, then whimsically decide to raze all the other Boston rock clubs, leaving nothing but high-income condominium housing in their wake. In this not-entirely-absurd dystopian future scenario, with no traditional or underground venues, where will bands play?

Other kinds of places, that’s where. Like Tasty Burger, for instance. The Harvard Square eatery has hosted under-the-radar shows for a while, and launches an initiative for regular publicized concerts with Speedy Ortiz’s “Real Hair” EP release party on Saturday. More