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The Open Internet Will Keep Us Stupid and Happy

Two stupid internet memes captured the world’s attention yesterday.

One was a police chase involving two llamas. The other, a dress that nearly plunged the nation into civil war.

It’s a sublime coincidence that both occurred on the same day that the FCC classified the Internet as a public utility.


Bar Exam: Hallucinating interpreter, more news to discuss

Storms aren’t the only thing expected to rage through the greater Boston area this weekend. Stay warm and safe (you’re on your own there) and informed. We can help you out with that last one. Read below to catch up on bad interpreters, sad homophobic laws, and mad commuters. Because if you’re well-informed about the news, then when you overdose on eggnog and candy canes, shout, “I ate Christmas!” and proceed to spew Christmas all over the bar … well, at least you won’t look stupid. More