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Coca Cola Super Bowl 2014 Commercial "America The Beautiful" [HD]
Boston bartender pissed BuzzFeed used his tweet out of context
twitter chatter

The tweet-vacuuming outrage-bait Storify listicle has become one of the most tired and lazy crutches of online media. You’re familiar with them from sites like: every site. After something notable happens on Twitter, enterprising young content miners run a simple Twitter search, cherry pick a dozen or two tweets corresponding to the subject at hand, then embed them into a post. Voila! Research.

One recent example on BuzzFeed, somewhat hyperbolically titled “Coca-Cola’s Multilingual Super Bowl Ad Inspired A Complete Meltdown Online,” picked through reactions to the Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad for jingoistic reactions. Really hard-hitting stuff. Sucked into the meat grinder was Twitter user @seanfrederick, a fella that I’m friends with on Twitter and through the Boston bar world. His tweet, as anyone who follows him online would have instantly known, was ironically echoing the type of knee-jerk Americanism reactions that were flying around at the time. More