Finally, a website you’ll actually want cookies from.

The Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. has finally ended their long holdout against web-based cookie sales and will roll out an online ordering portal called Digital Cookie on December 12. Customers will be able to order through an app or a scout’s individual personalized ordering site, which ensures the competitive component of cookie-selling will remain.

The national organization stressed to the Associated Press that the online ordering is an opt-in for young Girl Scouts, and that in-person cookie sales are still the (short)bread and butter of their organization.

“Girls have been telling us that they want to go into this space,” said Sarah Angel-Johnson, chief digital cookie executive for the organization covering about 2 million girls. “Online is where entrepreneurship is going.”

Customers will need an invite to reach a girl scout’s cookie sales site, and any scout under the age of 13 will be required to be 100% anonymous. Additionally, parents will be encouraged to frequently check their children’s sites to ensure there isn’t any personal information.

Knowing parents of girl scouts, one more avenue of cookie retailing will mean being even more overzealous with sales. Karen Porcher, mother to an 11-year-old scout, told the AP she sees the online integration as an advantage.

“During cookie season my daughter is wearing her (scout) vest on the subway and people are so excited to see a Girl Scout,” Porcher explained. “Strangers actually will buy a case of cookies and wait for her to call. This is going to be amazing because now she can just say ‘Give me your business card,’ or ‘I’ll take your email address,’ send the email and they can be delivered. This is gonna be sweet.”

As for the Scouts themselves, they’ve got their eyes on the prize.

Added 7-year-old Anna: “My favorite part is that now I can sell more Girl Scout Cookies.” She pulled down about 200 boxes last year and has upped her goal to 600. Girl Scouts use their cookie money to pay for community service work or troop activities such as camping and other trips.

The Digital Cookie will only be available in some areas, but you can always get your Thin Mint fix by searching for cookies by zip code at the Girl Scouts website.

[h/t AP]