Super Bowl 49 came to a close with the New England Patriots beating the Seattle Seahawks in thrilling fashion, 28-24, thanks to the late-game heroics of Malcolm Butler. Speaking of heroics, there are two superheroes whose Super Bowl wager has yet to be settled, specifically actors Chris Pratt and Chris Evans.

In case you missed it, the two superheroes bet if the Seattle Seahawks won, Boston-native Evans would visit Seattle Children’s Hospital dressed as Captain America, waving a Seahawks fan. On the other hand, Pratt would visit Christopher’s Haven dressed as Star-Lord while wearing a Tom Brady jersey.

Naturally, Pratt took his defeat like a champ and confirmed his visit to Boston.

But it didn’t end there. Shortly after the Patriot’s victory, Evans up the ante and promised a visit to both hospitals. 

The two superheroes save the day once again by brightening up the children’s spirits, especially after we all cried our way through that Budweiser puppy ad.