Super Troopers, a small-budget 2001 movie from comedy troupe Broken Lizard about a buffoonish group of Vermont state troopers, earned its spot on dorm DVD shelfs nationwide with its outlandish antics and endlessly quotable dialogue. Now, one of the great cult comedy hits of the 2000s is finally getting a sequel — if its fans can help raise the money.

The boys of Broken Lizard launched an Indiegogo campaign for the film yesterday, offering traditional perks like signed posters and Twitter shoutouts along with unique oddities like owning the police car used for filming or having Broken Lizard stand at your wedding as groomsmen.

Considering the film’s ardent following, it’s unsurprising that the campaign has already raised nearly $1.6 million of its $2 million goal in less than 24 hours, and that someone already shelled out the $35,000 needed to claim the patrol car reward.

With a month to go, Broken Lizard will likely continue raising money past the $2 million mark, so they can add, as they put it, “more action, more cameos, more shenanigans, and fine, more Farva.”

farva chart

To celebrate, let’s grab a liter of cola and watch the classic opening scene from Super Troopers that set the tone for all the subsequent hijinks.