Last June, we all made our Summer Song of 2014 predictions. We were all wrong. (It ended up being this.)

Now, that’s not to say our collective track record isn’t all that good. Because it actually is.

Full disclosure: it was actually Paul Driscoll, not me. But still, we get the credit. So what about this coming summer?

Those are two damn good candidates. Now, the problem I run into is going with my heart vs. going with my head. My heart loves Metric’s new single “The Shade (I Want It All),” but it’s too too new to catch on by the summertime. And Jamie xx’s “Loud Places” has so much potential, but it’s too mellow. Summer jams need to have some pep. So I’m telling my heart to pipe down, listening to my head, and hitching my carriage to “T-Shirt Weather” by Circa Waves.

The title, the overall vibe, it’s gotta be a winner, right? So you’d think. I asked Julie Kramer for her pick, and she’s going with “My Type” by Saint Motel.

The song’s already made it into a car commercial, so the sky’s the limit. I’d say Julie’s pick is the early favorite. Which would make Paul Driscoll’s choice of “Greek Tragedy” by The Wombats the dark horse in this year’s race.

That leaves us with Steph Mangan, who, per usual, it pulling her pick out of left field. It’s “Dream Lover,” the brand new track from Destroyer.

So there you go: our nominations for Summer Song of 2015. Our radio compadre, WBMX Music Director/APD/Hit-picker Mike Mullaney checked ’em out and checked in with his.

A great pick! Wanna add yours to the conversation? Let us know what it is!