Last week, some of the music industry’s biggest names celebrated Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Stevie Wonder’s legacy with a post-Grammy tribute. Titled Stevie Wonder: Songs in the Key of Life – An All-Star Grammy Salute, the special will air tonight on CBS.

The concert begins on a high-note with Beyoncé’s energetic rendition of “Fingertips.” She then enlists British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran for a medley of “Master Blaster” and “Higher Ground” —  a duet that can only promise superior talent and an unforgettable performance. Sheeran returns to the stage later on the night performing “I Was Made To Love Her,” adding his own twist with looped vocals, melody and percussion.

Other high-profile performers include, but are not limited to, Tony Bennett, Pharrell Williams, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson, Annie Lennox and Lady Gaga. 

Lady Gaga told Reuters, “people throw the word genius around a lot, but Stevie Wonder you truly are a genius.” The singer pumps out an energetic rendition of “I Wish” during the celebration as well.

Wonder is a 25-time Grammy winner and is the only artist to have claimed Album of the Year in three out of four consecutive years with Innervisions, Fulfillingness’ First Finale, and Songs In The Key Of Life. The legendary artist, now 64, has rightfully earned the title of one of the most respected artists, and fans can expect a new album from him in September called Through The Eyes of Wonder.”

“Since the last album I did was about 10 years ago, a lot has happened,” Wonder told Billboard. “I’m hoping to show what I’ve seen and I’m hoping it will encourage people to move to the next level that will give us a place of positivity.”

The tribute concludes with all the stars sharing the stage for one grand performance. You can catch the two-hour feature tonight on CBS at 9:00 p.m.