Matthew McConaughey’s bonafides as an inspiring speaker and diehard Texas Longhorns fan are beyond reproach. So instead of giving a heart-rousing speech to a football team he pretended to care about for a film role, McConaughey visited the Longhorns squad days after they had suffered a soul-crushing 41-7 loss to BYU in an effort to fire them up.

Mixed in with the typical uplifting messages about going above and beyond trying your hardest and doing it all for you, McConaughey also revealed a few fun facts, namely that his favorite movie to make was the critically acclaimed but little-seen “Mud,” and that the infamous chest-bumping scene from “Wolf of Wall Street” wouldn’t have existed if Leonardo DiCaprio hadn’t noticed McConaughey doing that exact motion to psych himself up in between takes.

This only furthers our suspicion that Matthew McConaughey has been playing himself onscreen for 20 years — and we love him for it.