After days of speculation, Gillette finally unveiled its mysterious “Stark Industries” sign during a strange, Avengers -filled press conference on Thursday morning.

While Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and his costumed-crusading pals were not in attendance, the event did feature an appearance by the legendary Stan Lee. The 92-year-old Marvel icon aided Gillette group president Charlie Pierce and “Stark  Industries” representative Abe Zimmer in introducing new concept razors based on the Avengers heroes.

“The things I’ll do for a free razor,” Lee joked on stage. “Can I go home now? How long do I have to keep holding this?”

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“Stark Industries” may be a fictional company, but that didn’t stop Pierce from expressing his excitement over the new partnership.

“Gillette is all about innovation, but we’re not the only company rooted in innovation, and we’re excited to reveal the next great chapter in shaving,” Pierce said. “Introducing Stark Industries and Gillette, a first of its kind collaboration that taps into the power of Avengers inspired technology.”

The new razors will feature the Hulk, Captain America, Thor, and, of course, Iron Man, but don’t expect to see them in stores anytime soon.

According to Zimmer, the products are still in development, however, Gillette will be running contests on its social media channels to give fans a chance to win the concept razors.

Even if they don’t give you super powers, at least the razors can help get that sexy, Tony Stark goatee.