Last month, Ryan Walsh wrote an excellent piece for us profiling a Massachusetts musician named Matt Farley who made $23,000 in a year by “spamming” Spotify — that is, writing simple songs with popular keywords and band names in their titles to encourage plays. The story was one of our most popular pieces ever, being shared heavily on social media and getting reported on by other outlets, including Business Insider. Apparently, Farley liked the story too — because he wrote a song about its author.

“Hallelujah! Let’s Hear it for Ryan Walsh, the Nice Man” is a funny and sweet ode to the writer, who also fronts the Boston-based band Hallelujah the Hills. Our favorite line: “Ryan Walsh, you’re a wonderful journalist. Just ask the people at Business Insider, they’ll tell you. You’re a wonderful man.” Another choice lyric: “Ryan Walsh, you’re an intelligent man. You’re very thoughtful and deep. The stuff that goes through your brain is very interesting.”

I can vouch that all of that is true. And Farley didn’t stop at writing a song about our article. Another tribute was apparently prompted by a radio interview Walsh gave about the piece to local DJ Anngelle Wood, in which she called Farley’s tune about Radiohead “terrible.” The musician sent this tweet:

Can’t get enough of this Danvers guy? Check out his hilarious album artwork and listen to a RadioBDC interview with him.

UPDATE: Inspired by this post you are reading, Farley may be writing his next song about me. He really can take inspiration from anywhere.