Spotify recently published a report on the listening habits of students at 40 American universities by using custom metrics and subscription characteristics. In what some might find surprising, Northeastern University was ranked number 8. While Spotify’s report is definitely creepy, it has given us a unique insight into the listening habits and trends of one of Boston’s biggest universities. While the full report on the Huskies can be found over on Spotify’s website, here are a few interesting trends.

NU students seem to appreciate jazz, metal and Christian music, but have no interest in the unique musical stylings of “Juggalos.” Huskies seem to have eclectic music tastes, as popular artist range from Sara Bareilles to Christian heavy metal band Demon Hunter. And if you were wondering how much sleep NU students are getting, Spotify has creepily calculated they average 9 hours a night, a half hour more than other ranked schools.

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