The Cambridge-based pop junkies of Spirit Kid have rattled around local clubs for some time now, shaping into one of the better live acts that Boston has to offer. Boston’s crusty youth can latch to punk scenes all it wants, but when it boils down to electric melodies and hook-based sentiments, lead man Emeen Zarookian and his crew of AM gold revivalists pack the meanest punch. Yesterday, Spirit Kid released its sophomore full-length “Is Happening,” continuing with its re-buffed take on the chord-progressions of yesteryear, this time hitting Electric Light Orchestra square on the nose, as opposed to the earlier influences of the band’s last album. Spirit Kid puts themselves in a unique position with “Is Happening.” It’s tough to reinterpret the sounds from back when your dad was toking up without getting looped in as dad rock (although there’s nothing wrong with dad rock, Wilco). Spirit Kid does exactly the opposite, putting enough of a forward-thinking spin on classic pop structures to inspire a new curiosity in young listeners to look back and re-discover. “Is Happening” is out now digitally via Father/Daughter Records.

Spirit Kid’s Emeen Zarookian was also kind enough to give us our mid-week playlist this week, compiling tunes that he describes as, “cool songs to really just groove to on a nice spring day, AKA GO TO HELL WINTER!!” Press play, sit back, and imagine warmer temperatures.

[Photo credit: Patrick Michael Gookin]

Millenium – Prelude/To Claudia on a Thursday”
“I love it. The best sounding drums in the intro, plus a harpsichord! What!! then you get the 1-2 punch of a good ol’ fashioned connected track that really just teleports you to the sixtiiiesssss mannnnnnn.”

Ananda Shankar – “Jumpin Jack Flash”
“I mean, this is just so good on so many levels. The attitude, the synths, the sitar, the “vocals” it is just so pleasing to me. Roll down the windows and rock out, brah!”

The Gaylads – “It’s Hard To Confess”
“Gotta have some rocksteady in here, just FEEL IT.”

The Turtles – “You Showed Me”
“Keeping it mellow with this one! This song never fails to pull me in no matter what mood I’m in. I love the instrumentation, the space, the vocals, and then the BRIDGE OOO BABY!!”

The Ventures – “Slaughter on 10th Ave”
“One of my fav bands and this live version is just ON FIRE. YEAH!!!!!!!!!”

Joe Walsh & The James Gang – “Walk Away”
“Awesome performance. No harmonies but so kick ass. Finally a song NOT from the 60’s! Teeheehee!”

Paul Simon – “Think Too Much (a)”
“Let’s just keep on going! The 80s! Simple but weird, we can all relate to thinking too much. The spring is a time to break out of all that reflection and get out there and show ‘em what you’re made of! So go get ‘em!”

The Smoke – “Cowboys and Indians”
“Ok let’s not get too crazy, let’s get back to the decade that matters most. This song scratches that itch for me that is always wanting to be scratched. REAL sixtiieeessss mannnnnnn.”

The Rutles – “I Must Be In Love”
“Speaking of important bands from the 60’s, this is simply one of the best songs ever written! Very influential.”

Tim & Eric – “Petite Feet”
“Also one of the best songs ever written!”

Harry Nilsson – “All I Think About Is You”
“And on a more serious note, seriously one of the most beautiful, serious things ever. Just so damn good.”