Cate Le Bon, in addition to being a total sight for sore eyes, can proudly carry the title of singer-songwriter that imbues every aspect of her latest album, “Mug Museum.” The Welsh native’s latest project is abstract and surprisingly muscular, with her mordant vocals serving as the centerpiece of “Museum.” In honor of Le Bon hitting the Middle East tonight, here are a few other ladies who also balance being a performer with writing their own lyrics.

1. Thao Nguyen (Thao and The Get Down Stay Down)
Thao got straight up rootsy on her sophomore album, “We Brave Bee Stings and All”—and it worked. Songs like “Swimming Pools” and “Beat (Health, Life, and Fire)” allowed the indie noisemaker to combine her knack for writing lyrics that stuck with crackling melodies and foot-stomping fury. Follow up albums became riddled with more sensuality and idle reflection, but her songwriting remained on point.

2. Florence Welch (Florence and The Machine)
Although better known for her angelic vocals, Welch went straight for the jugular when she dropped her debut album “Lungs” back in 2009. The lead single, “Dog Days Are Over,” showcased her signature granular style of singing with heart-pounding tempos. Her next album, “Ceremonials,” also celebrated her throaty croon with more pensive tracks like “Only If For a Night.” Did we mention she can do a mean Drake impression?

3. Natasha Khan (Bat for Lashes)
Lyrics don’t get anymore haunting than the ones that saturate any song by Bat for Lashes. Her sophomore effort, “Two Suns,” spawned instant classics like “Daniel” and the heart-wrenching “Siren Song.” Her last album, “The Haunted Man,” became less about lovers and more about self-discovery. Regardless of her content choice, the songsmith’s exacting musicianship and emotional vulnerability is what makes her authentic.