Love dancing, hate clubbing? Before you resign yourself to a lifetime of Saturday nights spent twirling around the living room in your favorite sleeved blanket, meet Alan Manzi. The local DJ legend has a remedy for dance music lovers with nightclub fatigue: “Some Like It Hott,” a unique monthly dance party at Inman Square’s cozy Lily Pad that he describes as “intimate, sweaty, fun, sexy, and no BS. The complete opposite of the Boston club scene.” How does the Boston underground veteran keep keep it real and keep the party vibrant? He gives us a peep at some of the tracks he has up sleeve.

Q. What do you play to warm up a party?

A. When warming up a party I’ll put all my energy into getting the ladies on the dance floor. Get them going and everybody else will follow. “Just a Memory” by 6th Borough Project is the jam for that.

Q. What’s a track that’ll have even the wallflowers getting down?

A. Usually when I’m playing there are no wallflowers. But on that rare occasion I’ll drop “Street Life” by Purple Disco Machine.

Q. What’s a great R-rated track that would make Rob Ford blush?

A. Mr. Ford and I have a lot in common… definitely Jamie 3:26’s “Dr. Fuck.”

Q. If there’s a lull in the party, what do you play to get everyone to put down their drinks, put out their cigarettes, and run back to the dance floor?

A. A remix or edit of a tune they are familiar with tends to bring party-goers back on the floor. A classic like “Good Life” remixed by Matt Smallwood will do the trick.

Q. What’s an end-of-the-night track that’s guaranteed to get someone laid? 

A. “I Get Deep” — Dj Le Roi featuring Roland Clark. Not only does the song have cool lyrics, but it has a sexy, hypnotic melody that makes everyone shake their hips. End the night with that track and it’ll leave them wanting more.

Like what you hear? Catch Alan and a killer line up of underground favorites at “Some Like It Hott,” volume 17, on Saturday, Dec. 14 at 10 p.m.