Sometimes a song sounds like another song. Other times, a song sounds like a combination of other songs. This is one of those other times.

When I first heard “Love Me,” the new single from The 1975, the Peter Gabriel influence jumped out at me immediately. This makes sense, as the new material from The 1975 has a decidedly 80s feel to it. There was something missing, though. That opening riff: where had I heard that before? Ahh, that’s right. Bowie.

So here you go: Peter Gabriel’s “Big Time” + David Bowie’s “Fame” = The 1975’s “Love Me”

In mentioning this on the air, Phillip reached out and said: “You could say the same about Wolf Alice! They sound like Veruca Salt and Smashing Pumpkins.” And he’s right. Wolf Alice’s debut is all over the map musically. And “Bros” certainly cribs a bit from both of those seminal 90s acts.

I guess we can say: Smashing Pumpkins “1979” + Veruca Salt “Seether” = Wolf Alice “Bros”

Finally, we have The Struts. This is less of an example of sound-alike and more of an example of vibe-alike. Vocally, Struts frontman Luke Spiller brings to mind Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance at times. And one look at the video for “Could Have Been Me” brought back fond memories of The Darkness.

Maybe we say: My Chemical Romance “I’m Not OK” + The Darkness “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” = The Struts “Could Have Been Me.”

Got a current combo to share? Or a bone to pick with these ones? Sound off!