twitter chatter

The blizzard we’ve all been waiting for is among us. Most of us are probably hibernating from the arctic tundra outside our window, happily obliging to indoor advisories. While some are perfectly calm, others took to Twitter to share their fears and concerns about the #snowpacalypse. 

People are not just starting to freak out today. It most likely started yesterday, if not earlier, when Bostonians began clearing the food off every possible shelf and stocking up their refrigerators.

Some definitely have their priorities right on point. Cookie dough is a food group, right?

As if the weather wasn’t enough of an issue, the madness surged when Facebook went offline for just over an hour.

It was a real tragedy. 

But thankfully, it didn’t last too long. 

Now that Facebook is up and running again, people quickly returned tweeting about the weather. But, of course it has nothing to do with Mother Nature. 

But, clearly not everyone was sympathetic to snow storm Juno. 

Regardless, there’s only one way to survive this snowstorm. 

And Boston, remember to keep your car parked, and with a bit of luck, it won’t be completely covered with a blanket of snow.