While the recent 40th anniversary episode of Saturday Night Live had its highs and lows, the general consensus was that “Celebrity Jeopardy” was one of the top sketches, while Eddie Murphy’s jokeless monologue was a bizarre low moment. But according to Norm Macdonald, Murphy was supposed to have a role in “Celebrity Jeopardy” that would have been perfect, only he refused to do it.

In a fascinating 110-part Twitter rant that lasted over two hours, Norm detailed the entire week leading up to SNL40, inlcuding the late writing nights, surreal celebrity sightings, and the negotiations with Murphy over whether he would appear as Bill Cosby in the “Jeopardy” sketch.

The entire Tweet series is worth a read (Mashable has the whole thing catalogued in order), but the key part starts when Macdonald talks about brainstorming ideas for the “Jeopardy” sketch with longtime SNL writer (and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon announcer) Steve Higgins.

Sounds like a great idea, right? Except that when the writers tried to reach Murphy, he had filmmaker Brett Ratner spiritually advising him on all SNL decisions.

Yes, Eddie, because the guy who got you to star in Tower Heist is a good judgment of quality entertainment.

Despite the setback, Macdonald went into Saturday thinking Murphy would do the bit. Then, as they were reaching zero hour on Saturday, Murphy arrived.

Disappointed as he may have been, Norm made sure to go above and beyond in his praise for Murphy and his decision not to imitate Cosby.

To be fair, the reason Murphy stayed away from SNL for so long was a joke David Spade made on the show about his failing movie career, so he may be averse to kicking a comedian when he’s down.

Still, it’s a shame the sketch had Kenan Thompson play Cosby knowing Murphy has this pitch-perfect Cosby impression in his arsenal.