What if the entire world asked your Mom questions?

The Daily Dot set out to answer that hypothetical question by getting the real-life voice of Siri, Susan Bennett, to solve her increasingly frustrated daughter’s complex queries.

“So I’m seeing this guy, and things are going really well, but I texted him last night and he never wrote back. Should I text him back?”

shall i text him for you gif

“Shall I text him for you?”

“No, that would be totally weird. He mentioned something about a concert Friday night, but he hasn’t actually invited me yet. Do you think I should make other plans?”

siri gyno

“Let me check your calendar. At noon on Friday you have a gynecologist appointment.”

Though Bennett’s dry, robotic delivery drives the video’s humorous premise, she’s still a Mom in real life, and does totally Mom things.

Like post pictures of her kids on Facebook.

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Watch the full video below.