We should have known by the cigar. Or the slurred words put together in a way that barely resembled human speech. But then again, this is Dennis Rodman we’re talking about! The dude made a career out of erratic, self-marrying, cameraman-kicking behavior (oh, and being one of the best rebounders in NBA history).

In any case, the Worm now says he was drunk during his batshit crazy rant on CNN’s “New Day,” in which he bellowed incoherently about imprisoned missionary Kenneth Bae. Why? “My dream of basketball diplomacy was quickly falling apart.” Well, the international basketball ambassador still went on to sing “Happy Birthday” to North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un, who he called his “best friend.”

Remember when Dennis’ craziest pal was Madonna? Let’s bring back those days.

Still no word on his Red Sox allegiance, by the way.