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It seems like all we’ve read about this week was Kim Kardashian’s racy photoshoot and Paper Magazine’s attempt to “break the Internet.” But Twitter data shows that when it comes to celestial masses, Kardashian’s butt doesn’t hold a candle to the ESA comet landing.

WSJ Comet vs. Butt Data

According to Twitter data gathered from Topsy by the Wall Street Journal, mentions of #CometLanding or Comet bested mentions of #BreakTheInternet or Kardashian by almost 172,000 tweets, and mentions of Kardashian were significantly more negative than Comet. Score one for science! Though it should be noted in the graphs below that Twitter mentions of the comet spiked over a very short period, whereas Kardashian seems to have a bit more staying power.

Clearly neither one of these events “broke the Internet,” and in terms of traffic on BDCwire, neither one of them came close to matching the pageviews of our article hating on the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl. The only conclusion to be drawn is that the Internet remains a fickle, unbroken beast.

[h/t Wall Street Journal]