Fortunately, these brains were all in jars of formaldehyde, and not still in the heads of humans, but that only makes it slightly less discomforting that they are nowhere to be found. According to local paper the Austin American-Statesman, the missing brains are part of a collection that was transferred from the Austin State Hospital 28 years ago, and it is alleged that students may have stolen them for their “living rooms or Halloween pranks.”

The brains were previously owned by ASH pathologist Dr. Coleman de Chenar and it is believed that he acquired the brains from patients in the psychiatric hospital. Now, half of those brains have disappeared, apparently including the brain of Charles Whitman, a killer responsible for a 1966 shooting spree on campus at the UT Tower. The University of Texas released a statement that it would “carefully investigate” the circumstances surrounding the missing organs.

First order of business might be to check the mantle-pieces of the fraternity houses, and also check in with that kid in the freshman dorm who has Hannibal Lector posters on his wells. If all else fails, maybe try the cafeteria?

[h/t The Verge]