We here in Red Sox Nation are more than familiar with “Sweet Caroline,” a tradition that has very much overstayed its welcome at Fenway Park. The eighth inning special has been a staple in Boston for years, and has since spread to other ballparks and countries. One of these places includes Northern Ireland, where Belfast and Connacht Rugby faced off for a match with 2014’s greatest golfer Rory McIlroy in attendance.

Call it a terrible coincidence, but the BBC broadcast decided to run an interview with the golfer as the crowd enjoyed a rousing rendition of “Sweet Caroline.” McIlroy, having recently split with ex-fiancee, tennis star Caroline Wozniacki, picked up on it mid-interview and could only respond with an, “Oh, dear.”

Luckily, on top of being a wildly accomplished athlete at the age of 25, McIlroy is also a good sport, and seems to laugh this one off. But someone, either from the BBC or from Belfast’s Kingspan Stadium, might need a bit of a scolding after this mishap.

[via SB Nation]