What do you get when you cross Richard Sherman, ridiculous sunglasses, and a talking, cursing llama? A new ad mocking Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, that’s what.

The ad is for Neff Headwear, a company that has produced several commercials with Sherman, and features Spartacus, the talking llama, swearing like a pirate to get Sherman ready for facing Brady, because, according to Spartacus, “you know he has a potty mouth!”

Right, because Richard Sherman has never sworn on national TV before…

Then the llama butts in with “we don’t wear furry boots around here!”, an obvious knock against Brady’s UGG ads.


Sorry Richard, but you don’t make to get fun of Brady doing fashion endorsements if your personal line of sunglasses makes you look like a long-lost member of the Black Eyed Peas.

richard sherman glasses

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[h/t NESN]