In case you missed it, the New England Revolution had a pretty incredible season. And if you missed that, you probably missed yesterday’s MLS Cup game, in which the Revs battled into extra time, ultimately coming up short 2-1 to the LA Galaxy (if you’re only slightly familiar with professional soccer, that’s Landon Donovan’s team).

But between the World Cup making believers out of many over the summer and the Revs battling their way to the top this season, it would be difficult not to look at 2014 as a victory for the growth and popularity of soccer in New England. Of course, it’s always helpful when there’s a bit of foul-play to keep things exciting, too (tell me Luis Suarez’s shoulder bit wasn’t a topic of conversation at barbecues throughout July). As the end of the yesterday’s match approached, LA Galaxy keeper Jamie Penedo sat on the ground, grimacing in pain, and looking for an easy way to kill some clock. Revs defender A.J. Soares wasn’t buying it, and in one fluid motion, helped the “injured” goalie up and then dumped him right back on his ass. May not have been the classiest move, but when the championship is on the line, there’s no time for stragglers, and at least it provided a small comedic victory for New England in the end.