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“Let’s start a side-project/supergroup of Boston rawk O.G.s, do every song in a different genre, but eschew gimmickry and make a miraculously cohesive album,” sounds a lot like one of those post-last call, blacked-out-at-T.T.’s conversations that nothing ever comes of. Except nobody says words like “eschew” out loud, and this time, the quixotic chatter came to fruition. While couched in rock ‘n roll sensibilities individual elderlys have honed in other bands – Kingsley Flood, in particular, left fingerprints all over this thing – “Early” opens with hazy hip hop in the form of “Plastic Parrots.” A robot voice delivers singy-words in “New West.” Later, “Hittin’ On You” expounds upon the dilemma one faces when seeking the company of a so-called “piece of strange,” only to discover all of the attractive people have left the bar, it’s getting late, and the remaining desperate also-rans must now settle for one of each other.