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In his previous pursuits, a resume that includes drumming for Mean Creek, Tulsa, and Trabants, Mikey Holland has been a curious passenger, providing rhythmic power on a journey of other peoples’ sentiments. Now, being the conductor of his own train, Holland’s accruement of thoughts, sights, and interactions culminate for five solid samples of earnest songcraft on his debut release fronting The Dazies. Tunes like “Nobody Bringing You Down” and “I don’t mind (going anywhere)” are stoned out bits of pop’s yesteryear, cloaked in joyful riffs and handclaps, and digging deep into a meaty ‘70s AM guitar feel. While sometimes its sugary tones send it a bit too far down memory lane, for the most part it remains somewhat tethered to a modern sound as well. If these five tunes are a sign of things to come, Holland can already start comfortably pushing his own boundaries for a sophomore effort.