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Before we begin, let me clarify that “skortboarding” is defined as “skateboarding in a skort” (which is defined as “shorts with full legs and a central flap in front”). We were sent “Skortboarding 2: Beneath the Skort,” which made me feel compelled to watch the original “Skortboarding” (damn you, kids, and your Internet trickery!). While “Skortboarding” was a brief 1:12 video spoofing skateboarding culture (particularly among the ladies), “Skortboarding 2: Beneath the Skort” expands that vision by spoofing skateboarding videos (generally, those made by Vans) and going behind the scenes with the now-famous “skortboarder.” The short version: it’s a cute idea, which actually made me laugh out loud a few times, but I don’t know how much further the saga of the “skortboarder” can be taken.