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This is great music to fuck to if that scene from “Blade” where the blood sprays from the sprinkler system makes you horny. Sawtooth, by mining gory relics like Vincent Price and pinning them to blood-greased industrial beats on “Snacks,” makes for a pretty tasty feast of flesh. Though the LP lacks a bit of purpose (other than nostalgia and underbelly fetish kicks), Sawtooth’s droning and disjointed take on doomsday dance is a record that endures some significant flattening (“Boston, Je Te’aime,” “Like Clockwork”). It’s a kinky tease, but the Lowell beatmaker needs to zip up and maintain the punishment of “Eradicate/Obliterate/Destroy” to rise above the rest of the pulp. Next time, don’t even give me the option of a safe word.