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Ed Note: Rob sent us a link to the Amazon page, where he said the book could be purchased. Since that’s not how reviews work, we decided, instead, to review his book’s Amazon page.

One four-star review is a great start. However, though the cover art is very “Final Fantasy,” I’m not overly enticed by “The Twelve Cataclysms.” Reading on, the book appears to be part of some dense lore that’s not immediately clear. “Never rob a Magi’s tower,” the hook reads, “unless you’re willing to face the consequences.” Now, sci-fi is a great avenue for writers looking to sink a niche market. McQueen is golden there. Also the “Look Inside” feature is welcomed – Rob isn’t shy about sharing. Still, little about this page entices me to dig deeper. Unless I’m looking for a new wormhole to explore, why make the purchase?