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Upon first entrance to Qualiatik’s website you become transfixed by the pulsating, green and glittery human brains that welcome you to what seems like a webpage straight out of the nineties; I mean that in every good way possible (seriously, I’m talking Windows icons and semi-melting Yin Yang sings). Try and shake yourself away from the mesmerizingly pixelated bouncing eyeballs at the bottom of the page and you find yourself in Qualiatik’s extensive gallery of digital media that shimmers and shifts with illustration based gifs and poster-size looking pieces that bring up striking points and notions about our technology-saturated society. From emoji-laden patterns with words like “Sext” printed in large, to the more post-modern driven design, Qualiatik’s artwork will take you too an ulterior dimension where techy typefaces interact with obvious imagery (French fries and avocados) to create tripped out eye candy.

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