This review was written in response to a submission to BDCwire’s “Review Anything August” campaign. The opinions in this review are those solely of the author and not of BDCwire as a publication. Stay tuned to BDCwire for more reviews from this feature. 

Ed note: Onslo submitted with the promise that they’d have a new album out in August. Well, they didn’t by the time I got around to reviewing them, so instead I reviewed their 2012 album “A Taste of Purple.”

Rush ain’t dead, y’all, they were reincarnated in a Massachusetts with a massive LSD dream journal and American citizenship. Onslo’s “A Taste of Purple” does a little bit of genre hopping in its runtime, going from psych to prog over the course of a single bridge. There’s some really thick heaviness at time too, which is plays into the garage experimentation feel of the record. This is a band you’d probably only be into if your buddy played bass and was also your drug dealer, but don’t let that stop you from nabbing one of the dope 250 purple 7” EPs they printed up.