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I went into “Jam Jam” believing that any rapper that dare sample “Sail” could only fall short of AWOLNATION’s original poetry. Well, Jep Roadie is big on defying expectations. The track begins with a mic check followed a series of cackles—mere kindling for the hot fire to come:

“No they never gave me shit
Everyday they gave me shit
Because I was never what they wanted
Every summer I babysit.”

The track quickly changes tone. Jep Roadie starts off a delinquent babysitter, and next thing we know he’s guzzling cough syrup, buying some jeans and shirts, and watching that “pussy pop on that handstand.” What does this all even mean? Jep Roadie’s life’s unreal, and beyond that, he’s got a pretty slick flow—starting off slow but then really dripping out by the last verse. The content can be funny, but all joking aside, get this guy on the radio. He’s entertaining, insightful, and has a seemingly inexhaustible bank of thoughts and lyrics.

Because who wants a jam when you can have a “jam jam?”