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Philly-based ambient noise project Akhbar is the work of Daniel Harris, the man formerly at the helm of Boston-based bands 3dCosby and The Doctors Fox. While those two outfits yielded more palatable fare, Akhbar is a foray into new age, producing three tracks for a total of about fifty minutes. The output is a delicately crafted zen-lubricant, carefully placing and pulling glowing layers like Jenga blocks. While it may take patience to get through all three movements, there’s no denying that they’d provide a fine soundtrack for looking contemplatively through a kaleidoscope, putting together a 2000 piece puzzle of the Pyramids of Giza, or hanging in the waiting room outside of a Planetarium. “Walls” will attract a very small and particular audience, but one that will come out more spiritually enlightened, maybe even a little smarter, that before they listened.