If you’re suffering through your morning commute without drizzle, sunshine, and rainbows all making an appearance, are you really even in Boston?

Friday’s early mix of rain and sun made for primo prismatic conditions. And Bostonians wasted no time sharing their photos–taking to Instagram this morning to show off their shots of a rainbow arching over the city.

Check out these Beantown spots looking more vibrant than usual.

"Well I love that dirty water, Boston your my home🎶" #Boston #rainbow #WIT

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Seen on the approach to The Eliot this morning. #rainbow #goawayrain #boston

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#rainbow over #boston 🌈 #homeoffice #workfromhome

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#Rainbow over #Boston is a good start to the weekend

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A rainbow seems apropos at the end of a stormy workweek. #Boston

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rainy day rainbow #boston #citgo #redsox #rainbow

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