Our one-off feature from 2016 becomes a monthly occurrence in 2017.

Last fall, I played Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ in its entirety right around the time of its 25th anniversary, but with a hitch: I put the songs in a completely different order to create a new listening experience. Simple idea, entertaining result.

So why not do the same with more albums, right?

Pearl Jam’s ‘Ten’ also hit the quarter-century mark last year. So I resequenced it. Starting at the end, I made “Release” the new opening track, moving “Once” to track two to create the sonic experience you used to have to listen to the album twice through to get. “Porch,” “Alive,” and “Oceans” round out the first side. “Oceans” used to lead off Side Two, so I needed a new song for that role: “Even Flow.” You can use the playlist below to listen and see how I laid out the rest (I closed with “Garden”).

So what’s next? What’s a seminal album you know and love and have heard countless times that you’d like to hear in a new way? Let me know and maybe I’ll make it next month’s RadioBDC Resequenced.