Our first guest-edition of Resequenced tackles the legendary double-album.

Bill is a fine lad. He runs a fantastic Twitter account called @PolitenessPts and has been enjoying our monthly Resequenced segment, where I take a classic, beloved alternative album and switch the order all up.

Bill felt so inspired, in fact, that he offered his own resequencing of The Clash’s 1979 classic London Calling. Bill writes:

“London Calling has a solid spot in my Top Ten, a bear of a double album that melds different genres and political/social commentary that’s still relevant today.  It also has one of the best combinations of a first and last track with London Calling and Train in Vain.  Anyway, I know you know all these things, but I thought it was such a great idea for a resequence that I went ahead and did one myself.  It was a fun exercise. Because the album was originally a double LP, I took into account time of each side and placement of songs as if they were played on a record.”

Below is a playlist I created from Bill’s resequencing. Some of the segues are downright brilliant and it was a great listening experience to listen to such a “bear of a double album” presented in such an adventurous way.

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