Does changing up the order of this Christmas mess with the tradition?

I almost skipped this month’s edition of Resequenced, but I thought it would be a shame to, as I haven’t missed a month yet this year. But what’s a worthy album to dig into in mid-December? Or maybe the better question to ask is: what album is better than this one?

Vince Guaraldi’s soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas transcends generations and is universally beloved. I can’t think of an album with more mass-appeal, holiday or otherwise. And it’s relatively short, its twelve tracks clocking in at just under 40 minutes.

This was a satisfying experience, because it’s always fun for me to take an album that people have ingrained in their musical memories and shake it up a bit. I started with “Greensleeves” and ended with “What Child Is This?” to provide a symmetrical bookend, and strove for balance song-to-song in between: uptempo vs. downtempo, original compositions vs. classics.

Take a listen below. And Happy Holidays.