Taco Bell’s waffle taco has become a casualty of the breakfast wars, and it certainly won’t be the last to fall.  But fear not fans of hybrid breakfast fast food, Taco Bell has reinforcements.

This Thursday, just one day before what would have been the waffle taco’s first birthday, Taco Bell will release the biscuit taco.  And I can’t lie; it at least looks very intriguing.

Whereas the waffle taco lacked versatility – only offered in sausage, egg and cheese form – the biscuit taco is a blank canvas for which to be painted throw breakfast food at.  Options include crispy chicken with jalapeno honey; crispy chicken with country gravy; sausage, egg, and cheese; and bacon, egg, and cheese.

Calorie estimates range from 369 to 471, which isn’t unreasonable, though if you’re going to Taco Bell for breakfast, I doubt nutrition is your highest priority.

Additionally, if that doesn’t fulfill our collective need to start the day with two different foods mashed into one, according to Nation’s Restaurant News, the chain is also expected to release their Cap’n Crunch Delights – red-colored donuts holes covered with Cap’n Crunch cereal and filled with milk-flavored frosting – nationwide later this year.  

So you can pair those with your biscuit taco and Cinnabon coffee in the morning.  I take back what I said about Taco Bell not being unreasonable; the waffle taco was first, now they’re clearly trying to kill us.

Dominique Ansel, look what you’ve done.