While no one is watching QVC for in-depth scientific analysis, even a fourth grader knows more about outer space than fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi and QVC host Shawn Killinger.

Over the course of 33 seconds, Killinger and Mizrahi get so many things wrong about the solar system that one has to wonder if either of them passed middle school science or watched a single second of PBS.

“It almost looks like when you’re a bazillion miles away from the Earth on planet Moon,” Killinger says, marveling at the garish design while showing she’s unaware of how far away the moon is from Earth (about 238,000 miles, just short of a bazillion) but also about the very nature of the Moon — it’s a satellite, Earth’s only natural one.

After Mizrahi repeatedly assures the host that the Moon is a planet when she asks if the Moon is a star, Killinger gets one right, saying the Sun is a star. Mizrahi doubles down, though.

“I don’t know what the Sun is!” he exclaims.

Offscreen, they’re informed that the Moon is not a planet, to which Mizrahi replies, “THE MOON IS A PLANET!”

Let this be a lesson to the children out there watching QVC (God, I hope no parents are that cruel): Stay in school, or else you might become a world-famous fashion designer or television personality for which knowing basic scientific knowledge is unimportant.

I know this movie is fiction, but is there any chance we can give these two the Billy Madison treatment?

[h/t Gawker]