Heard enough about the Patriots wet, cold, slippery balls to last a lifetime? Me too. If you want a break from Deflategate, you’re in luck, because Animal Planet just unveiled the starting lineups for this year’s Puppy Bowl, and goodness me, they’re a bunch of cuties.

The Puppy Bowl, airing Sunday, February 1 at 3 p.m. EST on Animal Planet, features a showdown between Team Ruff and Team Fluff, a classic matchup between two rivals that is sure to feature plenty of toy-grabbing action, and no complaints about the size of the ball they’re playing with.

There are 57 puppies participating in this year’s bowl game, but we narrowed it down the the 29 cutest, because who has time to look at 57 pictures of puppies? Not a busy professional like yourself, I’m sure.

Aaron, the Boxer Mix

aaron-puppy-bowl boxer mix

Aria, the Labrador Retriever Mix

Aria-Puppy-Bowl lab retriever mix

Bailey, the Labrador Retriever

bailey lab retriever

Boomer, the German Shepard Mix

Boomer-Puppy-Bowl german shepard mix

Bryan Adams, the Labrador Retriever Mix

Bryan-Adams-Puppy-Bowl lab retriever mix

Donnie, the German Shepard Mix

donnie puppy bowl german shepard mix

Dougie, the Labrador Retriever Mix

dougie puppy bowl lab retriever mix

Drew Carey, the Cocker Spaniel

drew carey puppy bowl cocker spaniel

Faulkner, the Great Pyrenees

faulkner puppy bowl great pyrenees mix

Freckles, the Hound Mix

freckles puppy bowl hound mix

Henry, the English Springer Spaniel Mix

henry puppy bowl english springer spaniel mix

Jamison, the Pit Bull Terrier Mix

jamison puppy bowl pit bull terrier mix

Kiaria, the Japanese Chin

kiaria puppy bowl japanese chin

Kojak, the Beagle Mix

kojak puppy bowl beagle mix

Lance, the Terrier Mix

lance puppy bowl terrier mix

Lewis, the Shar Pei

lewis puppy bowl shar pei

Lorelai, the Maltese Poodle Mix

lorelai puppy bowl maltese poodle mix

Maggie, the Beagle Mix

maggie puppy bowl beagle mix

Maxwell, the Labrador Retriever Mix

maxwell lab retriever mix

Miss Martian, the Coonhound Mix

miss martian coonhound mix

Mr. Fantastic, the Terrier Mix

mr fantastic puppy bowl terrier mix

Panda, the Pomeranian

panda puppy bowl pomeranian

Papi, the Corgi Mix

papi puppy bowl corgi mix

Savannah, the Shih Tzu

savannah shih tzu

Scarlet, the Doberman Pinscher

scarlet puppy bowl doberman pinscher

Smudge, the Havanese Mix

smudge puppy bowl havanese mix

Steve, the Chihuahua Mix

steve puppy bowl chihuahua mix

USS Maloy, the Australian Shepard Mix

uss maloy puppy bowl australian shepard mix

Zane, the Corgi Mix

zane the corgi mix

Be sure to check out the rest of the puppies at Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl website.