Last week, we argued if the Hubway program was good for Boston or not, but it seems like those who know safety best believe that the bikes are good for our city. A ride a day will keep the doctor away, or at least that’s what Boston Medical Center physicians are ‘prescribing’ through a new initiative that seeks to address health disparities and increase residents’ access to affordable transportation options.  According to an article on Slate, the “Prescribe-a-Bike” program offers low-income patients a year-long Hubway membership for only $5.  A whopping $80 cheaper than the regularly priced annual fee.

In a statement at the end of last month, Mayor Marty Walsh gushed at the importance of such a program to help prevent and combat an increasing amount of obesity amongst Boston’s lower-income communities. Sure, making exercise more accessible to low-income groups sounds like a great idea, but how many will actually take advantage of the new program? And after looking at the Hubway’s map of bike stations throughout the city, it seems like the alternative public transportation company is rather lacking in those neighborhoods dubbed “low-income.”

[Photo credit: Hubway Facebook page]