Last weekend, you had plenty of discussion topics to spark conversation at the bar: Easter, 4/20, and the confluence of the two holidays, popularly known as “Weedster.” Also, the Marathon, Patriots Day, the three-day weekend, unseasonably warm weather, and that rash in your armpit. But now that all that is gone, how will you start conversations with your friends and/or good-looking strangers after a boring, four-day week? With news about an angry moose and sad horses!


Boston Mayor Marty Walsh did an “Ask Me Anything” Reddit on Thursday. He was probably disappointed that no one asked him how to clean a dildo or what his favorite munchies are.

Suffolk Downs could be put to pasture if Mohegan Sun doesn’t set up shop at the 79-year-old horse racing track. Watching live animals race doesn’t have the same appeal as neon slot machines and sharing a blackjack table with an alcoholic from Reno, and the track’s owners say that if it isn’t awarded the state’s only eastern casino license, this will be its last racing season. We’d hate to see a bunch of sad, unemployed horses hanging around Revere and having to turn to crime to make hay … though that would make an excellent Ben Affleck movie!

The Powells, a New Hampshire couple that was attacked by a moose during a snowmobile trip, may be charged with the misdemeanor of harassing wildlife, for following the creature too closely. No charges have been brought against the moose, who grazed Bob Powell and then fled the scene.

The Globe has hired a real estate broker to help sell its Dorchester HQ. We bet the newsroom cubicles will make delightful “micro apartments.”

The Supreme Court upheld a Michigan ballot measure banning affirmative action considerations in admissions to the state’s public universities. Finally, college admissions officers can go back to making decisions based on athletic prowess and alumni legacy.

BU women’s basketball coach Kelly Greenberg is leaving her post amid accusations that she bullied her team and caused four scholarship players to quit. Elsewhere in Allston, two Boston College football players assaulted a homeless man. If you’re wondering why meek, physically able people would rather impale their eyeballs with forks than play competitive sports, this is why.

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed a new law bringing widespread gun carrying rights to the peach state (potential new moniker: the lead-riddled state). The measure, creatively named the “guns everywhere” bill, will allow legal gun owners to conceal-carry at school, church (where Lord knows they’ll need a weapon), airports, and of course bars. Your topical pick-up line of the week (especially appropriate if you encounter a Georgia belle): “Are you packing, and are you happy to see me?”