If you’ve finally finished crying over Inside Outor Lava, the short that ran before it — Pixar is readying another assault on your tear ducts with The Good Dinosaur, if its newly released trailer is any indication.

The Good Dinosaur takes place in a world where the mass extinction caused by an asteroid hitting Earth never happened.

the good dinosaur gif 1

Instead, humans and dinosaurs roam the Earth together. Sometimes they’re even friends!

the good dinosaur gif 5

That’s what happens to Arlo the apatosaurus, when, after struggling to get a tasty bunch of grapes…

the good dinosaur gif 2

…he receives help from a human boy, beginning an unlikely friendship.

the good dinosaur gif 3

And by the looks of it, that friendship is pretty magical.

the good dinosaur gif 4

the good dinosaur gif 6

The Good Dinosaur hits theaters November 25th, just in time for Thanksgiving. Check out the full trailer below.