“From heartbreak comes the heart-warming story of love in one man’s recovery from grievous injuries suffered in the Boston Marathon bombings.” Doesn’t this sound like a Nicholas Sparks novel-turned-movie? It’s not (not yet, anyway). It’s actually the introduction to an article published this week by WCVB’s Neil Ungerleider about a marathon victim’s engagement to his Spaulding Rehab nurse. This beautiful story is ripe for Hollywood, so here’s our elevator pitch. Without further adieu, “Marathon of Love,” starring locals Ben Affleck and Elizabeth Banks.

The pitch: A gripping tale of one man’s struggle post-Boston Marathon bombings. Amid the chaos, James (Boston legend Ben Affleck — Donny Wahlberg wasn’t available. He had to work on another Xfinity commercial) is rushed to treatment at the famed Wilson Rehab center (traded Spaulding for Wilson. Pretty sure they also make volleyballs). While in rehab, James meets Krista (likable, wholesome western Massachusetts native Elizabeth Banks), a lovely nurse who stops by James’ room on her nightly rounds. Months pass as Krista not only helps to heal James’ wounds but also his heart. James soon realizes that if he hadn’t been injured, he might never have met the love of his life. “Marathon of Love” will move you to tears as you witness true love triumph over tragedy. In theaters April 2015.

Side characters: If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then this flick would definitely have two local sidekicks to be the comedic relief amid all this drama: Casey Affleck and Eliza Dushku. Casey would play none other than Ben’s brother. It worked in “Good Will Hunting,” so why not make similar movie magic? And Dushku’s from Watertown (eerie coincidence), but she’s been MIA on the movie scene. Let’s bring her back the right way.

Nicholas Sparks, eat your heart out.