Paul Pierce will be back in Boston on Sunday as the Washington Wizards take on the Celtics. But Pierce decided to get his reunion started a little early, posting a video called “Back to Boston” on Derek Jeter’s new website for athletes, where Pierce is a contributing editor.

The short video, which according to NESN was likely shot when Pierce attended Jeter’s last game at Fenway Park, features Pierce walking the streets of Boston, taking photos with Red Sox fans, and talking about how much he loves this city.

Paul Pierce Returns to Boston from The Players Tribune on Vimeo.

It’s no secret that Pierce will always love our city, and as he says in the video, the people of Boston will love him back. And while Bostonians may not love Derek Jeter, most people tend to respect the Yankees captain, who launched his website The Players Tribune as an avenue for athletes to take control of the media narrative about themselves by publishing their own content.

If anything, this video makes us more excited for Pierce’s return on Sunday, and (hopefully) his post-playing career return as a member of the Celtics staff.

[h/t NESN]