Paul F. Tompkins is many things, not limited to being a “true gentleman,” a terrific standup and the originator of brilliant and terrifying portrayals of Andrew Lloyd Webber and the Cake Boss. His true genius, though, has always shone best in podcast form. He announced on Twitter this past Thursday that he’ll be hosting a new improvised podcast called Spontaneanation with musical accompaniment from pianist and collaborator Eban Schletter next month.

“My name is Paul F. Tompkins, and I like to think that that’s a name you can trust,” he said in the Soundcloud teaser for Spontaneanation. He gave a rundown of the show, which will be completely improvised based on a free-form discussion Tompkins has with guests at the top of the show.

Tompkins’ latest venture into the multimedia world will be supported by Earwolf, a network that most famously produces Comedy Bang! Bang! and one that features Tompkins regularly. He’s also pioneered the Pod F. Tompcast, which ran from 2010 to 2013 with Schletter on the keys and the Dead Authors Podcasta live show that features Tompkins interviewing comedians posing as authors that range from Oscar Wilde to Shel Silverstein and continues to run.

“It finally happened, it was destined to, scripture foretold it,” Tompkins regaled listeners in the tease, and who are we to question that which was meant to be?

Spontaneanation will debut on Earwolf on April 1, a day that nothing unusual ever happens.

[h/t Paste]