It’s shaping up to be a perfect late summer or early fall weekend, depending on how you want to look at things, and because I am a pessimist I’ll call it “basically winter because I can see my own breath at night.” So maybe pack a light jacket and enjoy this weekend’s events while the sun still functions as a source of warmth in addition to providing light.

Thursday, September 18 – How to Launch a Foodie Startup
Have you ever dreamed of turning your foodie passions into a thriving business? Do your foodie passions involve more than adding sriracha and soy sauce to Top Ramen and calling it “fancy ramen”? Startup Stir’s How to Launch a Foodie Startup seminar at Workbar hosts a panel discussion with the founders of Union Square Donuts and Downeast Cider, plus other local entrée-preneurs to share stories (and samples!) and answer your questions, such as whether I am the first person to use two different kinds of jelly on a PB & J, and if so, would you consider that a “strong” or “quite strong” food truck/restaurant concept. (6:30 p.m., $10, 21+)

Thursday to Sunday, September 18-21 – Boston En Masse
What if I told you about a wild four-night party, in a church, featuring nice guys, immigrants, Doritos, and coke weed? I’m actually not cool enough to know about parties like that, so this is a joke and those are names of bands playing at Church of Boston’s local music showcase, Boston En Masse. In the local music scene equivalent of a freeze-framed leaping group high five, each night is presented in association with a local music publication: Boston Hassle, DigBoston, Vanyaland, and Allston Pudding. (8 p.m., $10, 21+)

Friday, September 19 – Shakespeare at Fenway
Remember when Bruce played Fenway for the first time and it was a huge deal? Just this year the park has opened its gates for Tom Petty, Billy Joel, Zac Brown, and the singing spare change guy from Newbury Street, probably. Now Commonwealth Shakespeare Company is bringing the bard to the ballpark with Shakespeare at Fenway, a one-time performance with a cast of local celebrities. Tickets are $35, or $125 for an “MVP” ticket that features a post-show reception with the cast if you really want to ask Mike O’Malley if he ever got drunk and climbed the Aggro Crag. (6:30 p.m., $35-125, all ages)

Friday, September 19 – “The Singularity”
One of the last shows to play at the Factory Theater before it closes, Science Fiction Theatre Company’s “The Singularity” is a black comedy set in a dystopian future, really the only kind of future that sci-fi will even acknowledge at this point. It’s about a woman who’s desperate to have a baby, and when hookups and sperm banks fail her, things get weird. (8 p.m., $25, all ages)

Saturday, September 20 – Oktoberfest at Aeronaut
As I’m sure you know, Germany’s annual Oktoberfest celebration actually takes place in September, because “Oktoberfest” is just the German translation for “beer and cleavage party.” Somerville’s Aeronaut Brewing celebrates with German-themed barbecue, music from the Mad Bavarian Brass Band and the Somerville Symphony Orkestar, and one-liter mugs filled with Hefeweizen, Kristallweizen, Berliner Weisse and, of course, Oktoberfest. (2 p.m., $10, 21+)

Saturday, September 20 – Cambridge PARK(ing) Day
An annual international event where cities temporarily transform metered parking spots into miniature parks and public spaces, Cambridge’s PARK(ing) Day is back for another year, in spite of the disastrous 2013 campaign, “Don’t pahk ya cah in this pahk!” Projects range from the lame but necessary (recycling, voter registration) to fun and awesome (smoothie bar, mini mini-golf course). The event’s mission is to call attention to the need for more urban public space, or to the fact that you should have just walked from Inman to Central because you are never going to find a spot. (9 a.m., FREE, all ages)

Saturday and Sunday, September 20-21 – Jamaica Plain & South End Open Studios
Galleries, studios, and artist’s homes open up their doors for your browsing pleasure at open studios in Jamaica Plain and the South End, who scheduled their events for the same weekend as if this was some kind of hilarious local arts scene version of “Bride Wars.” It’s OK though, both open studios are happening Saturday and Sunday so you can go to both, or probably skip them to go apple picking and watch football and why are you even reading this? (11 a.m., FREE, all ages)

Sunday, September 21 – Hub on Wheels
This is like half cool event recommendation and half warning that Storrow Drive will be closed on Sunday: The annual Hub on Wheels citywide ride from Boston Bikes allows cyclists to briefly imagine Storrow as a car-free utopia bursting with sunshine and rainbows, explore hidden pathways and neighborhoods, and finish at a City Hall block party sponsored by Boloco. I’ve always heard that the best way to really experience the city is on a bike, or with a burrito stuffed into your face. (2:30 p.m., $50, ages 10+)

Photo credit: Andy Boenau/Creative Commons


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